Pre and Probiotics does tonic one have both?

Tonic One only contains bio-fermented probiotics.

Why does it taste SO sweet?

Tonic One uses a natural coconut flavour for sweetness plus glycerine which is derived from vegetables and plants.

What is the equivalent in terms of a probiotic pill?

Probiotic count: Due to it being a bio-fermented liquid it is not possible to attain a consistent CFU count.  With bio-fermented liquids the therapeutic value lies within the fact that when analysed, it has a similar natural killer cell activity (NKCA) level or therapeutic value when compared to a 25 billion pure probiotic. In short it provides the benefits of 25 billion CFU probiotic naturally.

In the ingredients list why do the probiotics not add up to 100?

It doesn’t add up to 100 due to natural changes.

Why is a fermented liquid probiotic better for you?

Fermented liquid is more bioavailable, which helps the body to easily absorb. Probiotic is a gut flora which helps the body break down and helps with digestion whichever the purpose for that particular strength.

Where do the ingredients for Tonic One come from?

The coconut is from Thailand

Bio-fermented probiotics are from Australia

The marine collagen is from Asia

What do probiotics do?

Consuming probiotics helps to add and enhance the beneficial types of bacteria in your body for optimum health. Probiotics are very useful when your body loses its natural gut flora. The use of antibiotics or disease-causing bacteria can kill off gut flora. This can cause gas, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea. Consuming probiotics during these situations helps to replace healthy bacteria populations.

How is collagen absorbed?

Hydrolysed collagen is cut into pieces that are small enough to absorb.

Collagen absorption takes place in the digestive system. After the collagen is digested,

liquid collagen is absorbed into the bloodstream.

After collagen absorption, the collagen travels through the bloodstream to the skin where it improves the skin.

How is green coconut good for hydration?

Green coconut water is excellent for preventing and treating dehydration. It can replace most of the minerals lost during dehydration, because the compositions of coconut water are very similar to human plasma.

It is also great for a WHOLE lot of other reasons.

Green coconut water is rich in potassium and magnesium. Green coconut water improves blood circulation, has no cholesterol and it helps in improving HDL or good cholesterol.

Anti-aging benefits of coconut water: cytokines and lauric acid present in coconut water are useful in cell growth and regulation, essential for preventing aging of cells.

Consumption of coconut water can increase metabolism and the burning of fats and sugars.

Green coconut water is rich in antioxidants which helps in fighting free radicals generated during the process of metabolism and keep trouble away.

Bloating is prevented/reduced if you take coconut water.

Green coconut water can prevent muscle cramp. The high potassium content of coconut water is useful in preventing muscle cramp, which occurs due to loss of potassium during muscular exercise, making Tonic One great to take after exercise.

Green coconut water is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which are essential for good digestion.

Tender coconut water can boost energy, because it is full of essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals). Green coconut water is better than most energy and electrolyte drinks available in the market.

Green coconut water is rich in various B-complex group of vitamins, which help in reducing stress.

What other benefits does collagen have?

Tummy Health

The makeup of the microbiome in our tummies is responsible for our mood, energy, and ability to deal with stress. Our gut lining is made up of around 85% collagen. Collagen is filled with amino acids helping heal the holes in your tummy, therefore giving you more energy. The combination of our probiotics, Marine Collagen and coconut water allow for a happy tummy, supple skin and overall hydration.

Can I take Tonic One while pregnant?

Tonic One is a natural, food-based supplement. At this stage there hasn’t been any studies that specifically show it to be safe in pregnancy or when breastfeeding, so we are not able to recommend the use of Tonic One during these times. We advise that you seek the advice of your health care practitioner before using.

Is Tonic One tested on animals?

No. We are passionate about not testing on animals and avoiding animal cruelty.

We researched to find the collagen that is the most effective, cruelty-free and sustainably derived.

Our marine collagen is made from fish skin and scales. Type I collagen is 85% of our skin collagen and the building blocks of the skin’s structure. Plant ingredients are unable to replenish lost collagen.

Marine collagen is extracted from the scales of sustainably farmed tilapia fish. This fish species is so abundantly farmed (with skin discarded), that sourcing collagen from aqua cultured tilapia is the most environmentally friendly option.

It is one of the purest and highest bioavailable forms of marine collagen that has evidenced based, clinically proven results on the skin. Tilapia skin is the best in promoting wound healing and skin regeneration. Taking this type of collagen encourages the growth of fibroblasts and increases the expression of genes involved in wound healing.

Sustainably sourced means the fish are treated in ways that consider the long-term vitality of the species and the well-being of the oceans, as well as the livelihoods of fisheries-dependent communities.

Why marine collagen?

Marine collagen easily passes through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. It is shown that marine collagen is absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently than other types of collagen. Tonic One uses a marine collagen that is odourless, 100% natural, chemical and heavy metal free, GMO and antibiotic free, oestrogen free and, of course, sustainable and eco friendly.

What does Tonic One taste like?

It tastes like coconut. Mix with tap or sparkling water, juice, smoothies or simply on its own.

Why is Tonic One in a PET bottle?

Using a PET (BPA free) bottle was the safest way for us to bring Tonic One to you. We are looking at ways to improve this and use more sustainable sources of packaging in the future. We encourage you to recycle your Tonic One bottle after you’ve enjoyed! With your help, we can make sure their life continues and the plastic never finds its way into our landfills or oceans.

Our labels are made from recycled goods and printed with food grade ink. They can be recycled with your Tonic One bottle.

Our packaging is The Better Packaging Co. They are certified compostable courier satchels. Read more about their awesome products here www.betterpackaging.com

At JW, we are not perfect but we are making small steps in the right direction to make our world a better place.


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